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Tuesday 26th of September 2017

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Poker Speak - Understanding the Lingo

Virtually every new trend brings with it a slew of lingo which is pertinent to that trend and that trend only. There is bingo lingo, used obviously by online bingo players, and there is also poker lingo. If you are confused by words such as "flop", "blind", "button" "donkey" or title, perhaps we can help you out with this brief article. 

Poker lingo consists of word or phrases which may be completely unidentifiable by outsiders and a "limping fish with a gut shot" may seem like some gung-ho hunter gatherer term, but not to an insider. However, a new online poker player would be excused for not knowing the hell what this means.  

Daily, poker players are coming up with more of this terminology and it catches on like wildfire, so if could be worth your wile to find out what hitting the nuts on a rainbow flop means, or you may get caught with your pants down. This is how the online poker world works and if you want to make this world work for you, you have to know what's going on. 

Some terminology from the lexicon of poker phrases will help you to speak the language of poker more fluently, for example "The Flop". Simple, the first 3 community card in a game of Omaha, Texas Hold'em or any other variation of poker where community cards are used. The flop's origin is believe to have been derived from the way the dealer places the cards, but who actually know, its origin is shrouded in mystery. 

What about "Nuts?" This is something I would say if I didn't get a starting hand, as in "awww…nuts!" But this is not so, nuts is the best hand at that particular moment. I may not be the nuts on the flop however. This word has a history, in the wild west where poker was played best a player may wager their homestead or their wagon on a game. If the wagon was wagers the nuts would be taken from the wheels to prevent the player from taking off with the wager if he lost.

Texas Hold’em

The Texas Hold’em is the more commonly played online poker version. Its popularity was greatly increased at the beginning of the present century, due to the retransmission of its various competitions on the television as well as its presence in well known movies and books.

It is also said to be the easiest version to learn whether online or in land based casinos, and therefore is frequently played by professionals and beginners alike.

The betting structure of the game can differ slightly, but in general there are two options. The game can start with an Ante, when all the players participate in the bet with an equal amount of money, or it can start when the two players at the left of the dealer place the small and big blind bet.

After that, the dealer distributes two individual cards for each player, which they must keep till the end of the game. Those cards are called hole or pocket cards. After that, the person on the left of the player who had placed the big blind starts the first betting round, which is known as preflop.

From this time on, the players have the possibility to match the bet (call), increase the bet (raise) or discard their own hand, which give them no obligation of betting but also discard them from winning (fold).


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