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Tuesday 26th of September 2017

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Mobile Gambling Apps - Super-smart, Super-safe Bet for Developers
Friday, 17 February 2012 11:34

There has been a meteoric increase in the amount of mobile apps being developed and released for online gambling concerns in recent times. One only has to take a peek at Gaming Intelligence for example; this online gambling news resource has reports virtually daily of a new mobile gambling app or two being launched. The world of apps has hit the world by storm during the past year, and has also had the affect of blasting all forms of mobile gambling sky-high in the popularity stakes.

Online gambling businesses that are cow-towing to the demand for more and more apps for smart-phones, are being judged as making very smart investments indeed. Stupid percentage increases have been seen in mobile gamblers using apps for sports betting in particular, but everything is grist for their mill. You name it; they will play it; bingo, casino games – even live dealer games, slots, scratchies, keno, even online poker to a lesser degree.

The most interesting thing about this new growth phenomenon, is that the surge of new customers is not the traditional online gambling type. These are smart-phone users who have never or seldom gambled online, and have found a new way to entertain themselves by means of their smart phone and one or two favourite apps. This means many smart-phone users are brand new to online gambling. They would not be caught dead sitting still long enough behind a PC to get this done, all their gambling takes place on the run!

This new growth in the online gambling industry leads apps developers to believe that apps are sticking around. Ask anyone with a smart-phone if they use apps, in the majority they will answer – that yes – they do. So, mobile gambling apps are proving to be a super-smart, super-safe bet for developers to spend big money on.

Most of the big online gambling concerns have even merged with mobile apps developers, spending millions on mergers and acquisitions. A good example would be Playtech and Mobenga, and William, Hill tried to get their hooks into Probability earlier this year. The deal unfortunately did not go through, but the notoriety it caused, sent Probabilities (probabilities) soaring with new interest.

Everyone wants these must-have gadgets – the smart-phone that is, and when you have a gadget of this nature, the best apps work hand in hand. It's like having the perfect accessories to go with your new Aftershock dress.

Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, so, it comes as no surprise that users want to play gambling games no matter where they are. If you are bored at your mother-in-laws house, or before you go into the dentists chair, you might as well be playing a casino game. It is all in the palm of your hand; at the very tips of your fingers.

Currently iTunes gives off four pages of results for gambling apps. That is more than 700 results, and Android apps are being developed almost concurrently with that of the Apple operating system.


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