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Tuesday 26th of September 2017

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Avoiding The Poker Tilt Demon

You read about it all the time when you read poker articles, it is called "Tilt" and we are not referring to the site Full Tilt Poker, we are referring to the state of being which is "tilt".

Basically if you "tilt", you are losing it, and for many players this means many different things. The general cause for this state of being is loss of control over circumstances you should generally have control over when you play poker. Players have to learn to recognize that they are not in control of the hand they are dealt, but they are in control of basically everything else that happens when they play poker, so tilting is not cool. Remember poker is a game for cool customers; players who can keep their cool under any circumstances, because if you go tilt, so too does your game!

Tilt is the poker demon, it turns online poker players into mouse mashers, keyboard crashers and undercurrents of simmering rage. No coach can straighten this out, only the player can. Flinging a mouse at the wall in violent enragement after that undercurrent of percolating insanity hits you on a bad beat or other loss is not such a bad thing however, but it can't really be done in a live WSOP final table event.

Essentially when you are able to get rid of the anger quickly (by mashing your mouse) this is a good thing – so its not actually tilt. It could save you the game, because if you play while still swimming against an undercurrent of rage, you will play like crap and likely lose your bankroll and your shirt, and this is actually what tilt is.

Poker Strategy – Should You Rebuy

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself with regard to poker rebuys, the main question being should you rebuy? If the answer to this is yes, then the next question should be how often? 

Let’s first explain what this is, you have probably come across the term if you are reading this article and are a poker player, but starting from the beginning. What is a poker rebuy? 

This is actually a stage which takes place in a poker tournament, and not all tournaments allow them – it essentially means rebuying chips. If you know anything about playing poker tournaments, you will know that you go into the tournament with a specific stack of chips, if you run out of chips, you generally run out of tournament and are not allowed to continue playing. 

In a poker rebuy tournament there comes a stage where you are allowed to buy more chips to add to your stack and in some circumstances this might be necessary if the player stack is low. It might also not be necessary, and some players consider that it allows pros, or well funded players an additional advantage over their less well-funded but just as good opponents. 

The good thing about a poker rebuy is that it allows more action into the game as the prize pots increase to tremendous size. However it is deemed to be part of poker strategy to be able to manage bankrolls to endure a tournament to the end without any rebuys. 

Badugi Poker - Sick of The Same old Poker Games?

New versions of poker are being given rise-to all the time, the fast spread and popularity of the game is more than likely attributable to this. Whatever the reason, Badugi has been added to the Poker Stars repertoire and once it is there you will find it fast becoming available at other online poker sites. 

Poker Stars is one of the biggest online poker rooms and they are a trendsetter. It is the site where the pro's play and they also tend to be innovators of all the new games. They also have very high traffic and at present is the only site with sufficient enough traffic to allow Badugi to be competitive and of course, enjoyable. 

If you are to be a winning poker player, it is essential to keep up with all the latest games and the first rule of poker is to learn the rules. Games such as Badugi, Crazy Pineapple, 27 Triple Draw, Razz and others are becoming popular choices with mixed game tournaments. So you need to know them all to be in with a chance to win.

Badugi is so new that the majority of the players of this game are "fish", but you have to learn sometime and somewhere, right? It is always safer to master the proven strategies of any new poker game first before you try any fancy footwork and the same obviously applies to Badugi. Remember the pros will pick you off like "fish in a barrel" so try to get into games with other players of your own skill level. 

If you already have a grasp over Texas Holdem, 7 Card Stud and Omaha they you know more or less what this poker is all about. These games can be typical of most other poker games, so they are the place to start. If you haven't played Holdem yet, why bother with a relatively obscure game such as Badugi? 

Online Funding For Poker Players

All the different online banking options for poker players can be confusing, some are appropriate for UK players while others are only suitable for US players. Some European options are only suitable for a specific country; but where the biggest problem lies is definitely with US online poker players. 

These players have to contend with the Unlawful (I call it the Awful) Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, and while this does not necessarily make online gambling unlawful, it does make financial transacting to gambling sites unlawful for major banking institutions. They are pressured into not allowing financial transactions to take place and this places online gambling facilities and US poker players at a disadvantage. 

Signing up for a poker account and funding it can be frustrating if you don’t know what you are doing, so be prepared. Some banks don’t allow credit card transactions to online gambling sites and this is not always only a problem in the US. It all depends where you are from and what type of payment method you use, but the best thing to do is first set up an online eWallet type account. 

Some British players “only” sites have started accepting PayPay, but not all do, and Neteller is generally the widest used option. Starting a Neteller account is simple and many poker sites will have a link available. However be warned, Neteller is an un-cool option for US players, they have made it so difficult to use that it isn’t worth the bother. So much for the “land of the free!”    Ukash is a fabulous British option too; this is a pre-paid internet shopping voucher, much like a pre-paid mobile phone voucher. It can be used to shop at tons of online sites and most gambling and poker sites also now use it as a payment option. Making use of Ukash also provides a useful Bankroll money management tool.

Poker Speak - Understanding the Lingo

Virtually every new trend brings with it a slew of lingo which is pertinent to that trend and that trend only. There is bingo lingo, used obviously by online bingo players, and there is also poker lingo. If you are confused by words such as "flop", "blind", "button" "donkey" or title, perhaps we can help you out with this brief article. 

Poker lingo consists of word or phrases which may be completely unidentifiable by outsiders and a "limping fish with a gut shot" may seem like some gung-ho hunter gatherer term, but not to an insider. However, a new online poker player would be excused for not knowing the hell what this means.  

Daily, poker players are coming up with more of this terminology and it catches on like wildfire, so if could be worth your wile to find out what hitting the nuts on a rainbow flop means, or you may get caught with your pants down. This is how the online poker world works and if you want to make this world work for you, you have to know what's going on. 

Some terminology from the lexicon of poker phrases will help you to speak the language of poker more fluently, for example "The Flop". Simple, the first 3 community card in a game of Omaha, Texas Hold'em or any other variation of poker where community cards are used. The flop's origin is believe to have been derived from the way the dealer places the cards, but who actually know, its origin is shrouded in mystery. 

What about "Nuts?" This is something I would say if I didn't get a starting hand, as in "awww…nuts!" But this is not so, nuts is the best hand at that particular moment. I may not be the nuts on the flop however. This word has a history, in the wild west where poker was played best a player may wager their homestead or their wagon on a game. If the wagon was wagers the nuts would be taken from the wheels to prevent the player from taking off with the wager if he lost.

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