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Tuesday 26th of September 2017

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Nordic Poker Awards

Last weekend it was time for the annual party for Scandinavian poker players. The best poker players of Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden were all in Copenhagen for the annual Noric Poker Awards.

There are awards in the following categories: Best Live Tournament Player of the Year, Best Online Player of the Year and Rookie Player of the Year. The most remarkable outcome of the evening was that Swedish poker sensation Victor Blom, also known as ‘Isildur’ did not get to take any award home.

Theo Jorgensen became Best Live Tournament Player of the Year. 2010 was a fantastic year for Jorgensen. He won WPT Paris and was among the thirty best players at 2010’s WSOP Main Event. His total price money for last year was $1.375.854.

Andreas Torbergsen, better known as ‘skjervoy’ was awarded the price for Best Online Player. He also won this Award at the European Poker Awards. No wonder, because he managed to win no less than $3.780.000 online.

Thanks to his second spot at the EPT event in Berlin, llari Tahkokallio won the award for Best Perfomance. Norwegian talent Kevin Stani was named Rookie of the year.

Discussing poker with pros

To learn more about poker, it helps not just reading about it or by testing different strategies, but the best tip you can get is by talking to players who are better than you.

Because all decisions are made privately you can’t learn the strategies just by observing the game sometimes. A discussion with the player can provide more information and you will get specific answers to any questions you have.

There are players who do not want to share their game strategies and you will then have to seek out those who are willing to discuss. Do not try to learn something from someone who is worse than you because you will probably not be able to learn anything from him but you can teach him something.

You must also remember that you have to understand the thought process behind what you are about to learn, sometimes it can be difficult for players to describe in words how they think in certain situations.

Playing online poker with a simple strategy

Playing online or live poker is not rocket science, although some players tend to make this strategy game more complex than necessary. Not everything is so complicated and most decisions are often simple. While there may be in different situations, most of the time, do not kid yourself, more than a poker player has won the Main Event WSOP twice with exactly the same hand!

When playing online poker what really matters is a good strategy to make your decision easier. If you're like me and if you do not take decisions easily, even on simple things, a good strategy will make playing poker much more enjoyable. A good strategic plan should be taken calmly, and with a focus on some tactical issues.

Your strategy may be something simple like a mantra, like "I want to win." This is also a strategy, no matter how simple it seems. The fact that it has planned to use this method makes it a strategy. The only problem is that if you let things be so, the strategy is a little too simple to be effective. A strategy should be a little more multi-dimensional.

In fact, it's like a road map, so you know where you are going. It's like taking a trip on a road if you know the road there are fewer decisions to make when you are already in the car. Although there are detours and roadblocks, you know that once you consulted the map, you are always moving in the right direction.

Same thing if you have just entered a car and you started to drive, with no idea which direction you're taking. If you think "I'll go to Florida," but if it is not the right direction, you end up in Canada. This is more or less what a poker strategy aims to do: to put you on the right track and there you always remain despite the presence of roadblocks and detours along the route.

Your strategy will be developed to play poker on related concepts:

  • The fact that you want to win;
  • The fact that you have a certain amount of dollars in your bankroll;
  • The fact that you have a limit;
  • The fact that your skill level is what it is

These issues may allow you to follow a simple strategy and make the game easier. You cannot think to anticipate everything in a poker game, and it is not necessary to make things more complex, because in reality you never know what will happen.

The importance for the poker player to record data

Playing poker can be very difficult to craft. It is certainly not all fun and games and lots of hours must be spent to be better in this business, and to, sooner or later, become a pro. There are a lot of professional poker players out there and in order to be able to make a living playing this game, you must take some analytical approaches. Do not kid yourself, it's not all fun and games but more analytical you will be and more results you will get.

It is therefore vital for a poker player to keep an account that includes the data of past performance. The convenience of online poker is that this is done for you in your account if you use a trusted site.

For example, calculate the hourly rate in a job where you get paid at the same time of the week or month is a simple thing. But in poker, the more you play can become more difficult to calculate these rates. The reason for calculating the hourly rate for playing poker is to assess whether the management of your bankroll is adequate. Also this way you can know whether you are a player winning or losing.

To calculate your future income of poker you have to have tons of data. If you kept meticulous records of the last five years, on a spreadsheet, showing for example that you have been playing poker for thirty hours a week, six days a week, plus the exact wins and losses, you can likely to be able to predict future revenues for the next five years. However, if you have been playing three days a week for ten hours and you did not keep any records, you have no idea where you are, and if you can become a poker pro.

All records must be kept accurately about your winnings, losses, and hours spent playing; all the notes can be important. All the poker pros do this now. So do it, especially if you're a player who spends a lot of time on this game. There's also the question of the IRS and don’t even think you get away without paying the share of revenue.

Keeping records allows you to calculate the revenue, and it can also be used as an effective tool for learning. There is no better player than a player informed, no matter what the game is.

The last unlucky players

As everyone knows, it is the WSOP 2010 in Las Vegas. On the 13th of July, the atmosphere was quite electric. Indeed, 7319 players were present and only 747 could expect a reward from this tournament. On the 13th of July, before the dinner,there was just 751 players left. 4 players need to be eliminated to be one of the paid places of the tournament. The atmosphere is very stressful and the organisation at this moment decides to send everyone to a dinner break despite the discontent of the players.

One hour later, everyone was back for to expecting to be in the first 747 players of the tournament. The strategy was a little the same for everyone, fold until someone is eliminated on another table. The organisation decided to play every game at the same time on every table; better to get a fair game.

Two Players are eliminated quickly after the dinner break, and then something interesting happens. One of the 749 players left received pocket ACES. Awesome! So he decided to go all in. Against him, a guy called with pocket Jacks. The probability to win with a pocket of ACES is 20% and of course on the flop the first card was a jack. Unlucky, but this face to face eliminated another player and at this time, just 1 player needed to be eliminated to be in the 747 paid places. Everyone was just so stressed and everyone was hoping that someone else will go all in before them.

The last played who decided to go online was called Tim McDonald. In his hands a pocket of Queens. He raised. But unfortunately, someone raised on his bet and raised him to "All in". Tim was confident and decided to go all in. The opponent got an Ace and a 2. It is quite tight; Both of them had a good game.

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