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Tuesday 26th of September 2017

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Role Play Poker Evenings – What Fun?!

The latest party fad amongst both youthful and older gaming socialites “in the know” is “Role Play Poker” and they are making a night of these. They are an exceptional source of fun! People all over the globe are now holding these intimate poker events in their homes. As the new poker boom has taken the world by massive surprise, with it has come a rejuvenated interest in the characters which represent the typical and sub-cultures and counter-cultures; that have been traditionally associated with poker. Gangsters, cowboys, Latin tycoons, casino lords, Cold War spies, and so on … . It’s amazing how role play can add even more life and spice to an already exciting and fun game. Filming these home events will also make for some precious home movies – perhaps even fodder for blackmail?!

Dress up

Styling your poker evening concurrently with a theme is also fun. Your guests and yourself; could dress up as chosen characters from your favourite spaghetti westerns, Maverick, or as your most adored country and western singers. The same could apply to characterization from mafia, or other movies, and so on. From any stories really, where the bad guys, and the good guys meet, at the poker tables to play it out! A general movie star theme works well too – dress up as John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Joan Collins, James Dean, or even Cary Grant. Cross dressing is also fun!

Setting the scene

Absolutely set the scene! The poker table is obviously to be the centrepiece, and should be decked out appropriately; with playing cards, drinking glasses, snacks and refreshments, possibly even "ceegars". It is also a fun and convenient idea to provide a suitably decked out waiter or waitress for your role play poker evening; especially if you are intending to embark upon a marathon sitting. If you want to get really silly; the provision of little “cheating mirrors” for all guests, can make for a barrel of laughs. It’s imperative to keep the food and music within theme too, in order to create the correct ambiance.

House rules and etiquette

It is very important to set down the rules of the card game itself. This may seem obvious, but is in reality, far too frequently ignored: the lack of rules can cause unwarranted arguments. If your game is “strip poker”, then all guests ought to be briefed: ideally before they arrive. These rules are as important as card rules, and a misunderstanding of rules and boundaries could be taken up the wrong way, and just as personally. Playing with “real” money can also make people sensitive, and so in such situations all guests should fit the correct profile. In other words they should not be sore losers. The extending of all invitations should be well thought out before them being delivered. At role play poker evenings I have attended personally, we have had some excellent fun-filled nights. If you want to practice your game beforehand, there are a ton of fun online poker sites where you can bone-up on rules, skill and strategy.

Mike Sexton’s loss

Mike Sexton popped out from the World Poker Tour final for one night in order to defend his prestige at the Bay 101 Shooting Star. Whilst tony Dunst took the commentating for him, Alan Sternberg had his field day winning the Bay 101. Sexton, unfortunately, was eliminated at the 27th hand as the very first player and since he was a Shooting Star, too, his elimination meant a $ 5,000 extra for the successful attacker Mike Matusow. Further, we could see Vivek Rajkumar or Steven Kellly, to name a couple. Finally, even Matusow lost a rich pot to Sternberg but it wasn’t until the very end that spectators could tell who’s game this was to win. Before winning, Sterberg lost the chip lead several times. Eventually, he won the game followed by Steven Kelly and Mike Matusow. Mike Sexton finished sixth.

Limit Texas Hold’Em

To play a good game in Limit Hold’em you should consider a few things:

  1. Be selective with your starting hands, just play the best hands.
  2. Choose the right type of table. Don’t play on tight / aggressive tables and try to avoid the good players. Play on the tables where you can see the flop at least 30% of the game.
  3. Only call when the pot odds are good enough.
  4. Try to figure out what your opponent has in his hand with the information you get when they bet.
  5. Remember how your opponents play. Observe what happens, when he raises, what hands he calls with, etc..
  6. Bet and raise when the situation demands it. Try to avoid calling. If you think you have a strong hand you should bet or raise. Never give away free cards.
  7. Always have a good kicker in case someone else would have the same hand as you, and the kicker can make your hand a bit better.
  8. If you are in a late position and everyone has checked before you then here is your chance to steal the pot, depending on the types of players you have at the table.
  9. Switch play styles to avoid letting your opponents read your moves.
  10. Don’t play your hand too far if you think you can’t win.
  11. Don’t bluff often.
Mike Caro’s poker tells

Mike Caro is a known poker theorist and he wrote the book "Caro's Book of Poker". There he mentions a few poker tells laws he has observed. Some of them are listed below:

By looking at a player's chips, you can see what type of playing style he uses: orderliness means conservative, while sloppy means careless.
A player who bets and then show the cards to a spectator while he waits for someone to call is most likely not bluffing.
A player who bets with a trembling hand, means you should be careful.
A player who smiles for real have a good hand, but if the smile is fake he’s bluffing.
The nicer one player who bets is the more likely it is that he's bluffing.
If there are no other tells, always call the player who keeps his hand over his mouth.
A player who checks immediately after checking his cards has not improved his hand.

Chris Moneymaker

Chris Moneymaker (his real name!) was born in 1975 in Atlanta, United States. He was working as accountant when he managed to win a place at the 2003 World Series of Poker via an online tournament. At the WSOP he turned out to be an absolute sensation and he even managed to win the event after beating Sam Fahra in a nerve wrecking battle. He won 2.5 million dollars and consequently became a millionaire on the spot. Immediately he resigned from his job in order to travel the world and participate in high buy-in tournaments.

At the World Poker Tour of 2004 he gained a second spot at the Shooting Start Event, winning $ 200.000. At the World Championship of Online Poker he became 6th a the 5th event, winning $139.000 and also won $ 28.000 at the sixteenth event. In 2009 he won the Deep Stach Pot Limit event at the World Poker Open Tournament, adding $ 15.889. 2011 started off really well for Moneymaker as he won $ 130,000 at the PokerStart Caribbean Adventure Main Event.

His price money is currently estimated at more than 3 million dollars.

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