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Tuesday 26th of September 2017

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Grudge Matches – the most anticipated part of this year’s WSOP

The Grudge matches are without any doubt one of the most eagerly anticipated events to be played as part of the 42nd year of the WSOP. These matches are meant to be a re-enactment of the most famous heads-ups ever player at the WSOP and poker aficionados will be able to watch the very man who is credited with having sparked the boom of online poker – Chris Moneymaker – playing once again against Sammy Farha. When he played him back in 2003, he went to the match with 5.40 million chips and, before he won the game, he made the most famous bluff ever. Now the two of them will play this historical match again, only with their chip stacks swapped. Further down on the schedule are two other famous rival couples: Johnny Chan versus Phil Hellmuth and Johnny Chan versus Erik Seidel.

Increase your chances of winning at poker

With poker, your ultimate goal should be to play actually as you planned without making any mistakes. Here are the key rules to a good poker game:

  1. Calculation : Make sure to know all about the possible poker hands so that you can accurately assess your opponent’s chances.
  2. Variation : As you gain more experience you will definitely develop your own playing style. However, it is important to hide your tactic from your opponents but alternating various styles. It Is more easy to bluff when you are known as a fairly tight player.
  3. Position : Make optimal use of your position. Late positions are seen as the most profitable positions, because you can more easily collect information about your opponents.
  • The perfect poker strategy does not exist. You should find your own way of making the most profit. So, try out different strategies and give yourself time. Almost nobody wins all of his/her games straight from the beginning, so it is important to keep your head cool. Don’t panic if you lose a couple of hands in row.
    Is Barack Obama Really the Poker Playing President We Believed Him To Be?

    In one of his earliest election campaigns President Barak Obama was asked by reporters if he could name a hidden talent. His response to this was that he considered himself to be "a pretty good poker player." Poker players in the US heaved a sigh of relief, here, finally was a president who may take an interested view for online poker in the US. After all he was also responsible for getting together a regular poker game in the State Senate of Illinois.

    The expectations weren't as high as he would take a personal or active stance in getting legislation passed to make online poker legal, but the expectations were that his administration would not be as anti-poker as the Bush Administration was. I mean we don't expect him to get personally involved; he has bigger fish than poker fish to fry; as President of such a huge and important country.

    Now that the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York - Preet Bharara has gone ahead with indictments against bankers and operators as well as poker sites operating in the US; we wonder what's going to take place? President Obama did appoint this man as US Attorney. Certainly the feeling is that the President expects a man appointed in this high office to be able to act with autonomy, so, it is doubtful that the President ordered the indictments, and probably was not even aware of Bharara's intention to act. However, and this is a big however; the action has happened during this poker playing Presidents' term of administration and it doesn't make him look very good.

    Suitable situations to try your bluffing skills
    1. If there are not that many players in the pot.
      • The fewer people, the easier it is to bluff. Chances are high that no one in the game really has acceptable cards. You still need to be careful, because bluffing with less players is quite common and you should only do it when you really know your opponents.
    2. If you are up against fairly tight opponents
      • Players that fold quickly are your main target. However, if you bluff against a very tight player you need to reconsider if he is not biting. Again: know your enemies from the inside out.
    3. If you are in a late positions and everyone else has checked
      • This is quite common and many will players will go along. That is why you need to maintain this technique for a couple of rounds in order to achieve success.
    4. If the other players ‘fear’ you
      • It is all about your image. Once you have won a few hands with really good play, then most opponents will definitely respect you and they would be more likely to believe your bluff. The main trick is to play weaker cards in the exact same way as good starting hands. You should try to let the other think ‘here we go again’.
    A Brooklyn official with a soft spot for the game of poker

    The poker world has another interesting fish in its nets – the Brooklyn district manager at a local Community Board Craig Hammerman has become known for having a thing for the game of poker and earned an even more interesting nickname – he is known as Morpheus Waits, which moniker was given to him for his usual expression during the game (for those who missed out on important developments in the film industry a couple of years ago, Morpheus is an attractive character from Matrix). Being good in the game as he is, he’s a far cry from a high roller, playing for really small money, however, enjoying the game equally. His office is famously decorated with poker chips from around the world and he’s always ready to play. This year, he’s preparing for a regional WSOP tournament to attack the winner’s post which also means a seat in the Las Vegas event.

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