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Tuesday 26th of September 2017

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25/09/2017 09:22:50

Poker After Dark to Feature PLO With Dwan, Galfond This Week - Poker After Dark to Feature PLO With Dwan, Galfond This Week Galfond has largely been out of the public eye recently as he spends the vast majority of his time working to get RunItOnce Poker...

26/09/2017 10:44:06

Hawaii Cracks Down on Poker Games - PokerTube - PokerTube

PokerTube Hawaii Cracks Down on Poker Games - PokerTube PokerTube Hawaii has decided to be even more pro-active in its enforcement of gambling laws with Honolulu police set to crack down on illegal poker rooms. an...

25/09/2017 11:05:47

Casino Poker for Beginners: Taking a Seat in Your First Game - Casino Poker for Beginners: Taking a Seat in Your First Game Articles in this series focus specifically on how poker in casinos differs from what you have learned from playing online poker...

26/09/2017 07:05:00

Unibet Poker to Launch New Online Tournament Schedule in October - Unibet Poker to Launch New Online Tournament Schedule in October Now, the Swedish-operated online poker site is throwing their hat into the ring to offer online poker tournaments. Startin...

26/09/2017 04:00:09

Otto Richard Wins 2017 Winamax Poker Open Dublin for ?92000 - Otto Richard Wins 2017 Winamax Poker Open Dublin for ? 92000 Otto Richard has won the 2017 Winamax Poker Open Dublin Main Event. He saw of the second largest Winamax Poker Open field in hi...

26/09/2017 08:00:40

Poker Business: Lottery Giant Scientific Games To Acquire NYX Gaming -

Poker Business: Lottery Giant Scientific Games To Acquire NYX Gaming Las Vegas-based Scientific Games Corporation and NYX Gaming Group Limited said last week that they have entered into a definitive agreement ...

26/09/2017 09:06:35

Poker & Pop Culture: Card Games Help Reveal Characters in TV Comedies - Poker & Pop Culture: Card Games Help Reveal Characters in TV Comedies Since poker is a "social game" that generally requires individuals to interact with one another, it usual...

26/09/2017 12:02:27

Optimist poker players will always out earn pessimists - GamingTodaySlotsToday

Optimist poker players will always out earn pessimists GamingTodaySlotsToday An optimist is a person who is confident the future will bring good things for him. On the other hand, a pessimist believes the worst is bound to h...

26/09/2017 08:26:00

Pixel Poker: Dealer-Free Electronic Tables Could Be a Game Changer - Pixel Poker : Dealer-Free Electronic Tables Could Be a Game Changer Putting the fun back in poker is a regular refrain within the poker community at the moment. From YouTube to Twitter to ...

25/09/2017 05:44:36

Poker Shuffler Inventor Picked For Casino Hall Of Fame - Poker News -

Poker Shuffler Inventor Picked For Casino Hall Of Fame - Poker News A games inventor who was behind the casino industry's first automatic card shufflers is among four people selected this year for the Gaming...

Tapie Tries to Tempt Full Tilt Staff

Of all the cheek? We have heard it said that Group Bernard Tapie (GBT) has been found to be somewhat a little less than above-board when making business deals. There are rumours of prosecutions/convictions in France, but as this company was the one to turn around Nike, we gave them the benefit of the doubt. So, when Group Bernard Tapie came on-board in an attempt to bail out Full Tilt Poker (FTP), despite a frown or two regarding their chequered past, and a few worried clicking of tongues; for the most part we believed that a deal would be a good thing; in particular for FTP members.

The deal recently fell through.

Obviously while conducting due diligence, GBT learned a good deal about the online poker industry. Now a few short weeks into us learning that they would no longer be bailing out FTP, we learn that Group Bernard Tapie are interested in getting their own online poker site started.


As the story goes, in the wake of failed negotiations to acquire FTP - Laurent Tapie sent an email to the employees of FTP who were involved in the supposed re-launch of the site. The reason for the email was to express his keenness to start-up a new online poker website - how bold?!

It is obvious that Laurent Tapie (the younger Tapie) does not want the six months spent negotiating and learning about this business to go to waste. With the prospect of the online poker industry in the USA looking a little brighter, one can only imagine that Mr. Tapie has been lured by the potential to generate even more wealth. Basically all “Pocket Kings” (FTP Parent firm) key personnel have been asked to join in the fun and games, and that he aims to launch a new “best of breed” online poker website in about 6 - 7 months time.

The email explained that following on the negotiations between FTP, the US DoJ and Group Bernard Tapie breaking down; an alternative option had been offered to Ray Bitar. This option was to license FTP assets temporarily in order to preserve these, re-launch the site and eventually sell it off on auction to themselves as a bidder. Ray Bitar did not agree with this idea at all and would not do it without the DoJ agreeing. While Tapie maintained this was legal; Bitar had his doubts due to the insolvency of FTP.

Right now Tapie’s plans are to make use of the funds that were set aside to acquire FTP. What better way to do this, than launch a new poker site?

The business model calls for launching under his Game Cubed company, Pocket Kings' staff joining him, and for Full Tilt players (except the USA) throughout the world to be offered the opportunity to recover the funds that they lost.

There is no doubt that Laurent Tapie is ambitious, he comes from ambitious stock. He is looking for a non-disclosure agreement with the FTP staff he has approached, and has said "I have the money to make this happen"! Presumably he also has the know-how now.

Mobile Gambling - Betfair Launches New iPad Application

Betfair Plc is the largest and the most successful of all the independently owned online betting exchanges. They are also the latest in a long line of online gambling concerns to launch a new iPad application, as well as attribute recent success to the launch of the app. It appears that online bettors tastes are changing fast, and they are loving being able to gamble on the run, but in particular with tablet products. The iPad is ostensibly the most popular of all the tablet devices available today. So, the success of this device is contributing to the success of many online gambling concerns. It is what we like to call a symbiotic effect!

The release of this application is obviously not only to the advantage of Betfair as an online gambling concern, it is aimed at the customer, and enhancing their playing experience. The claim to fame of the app is that it is the first - of hopefully many designs - to come from their new offices, in of all places San Francisco in the USA?!

Strange as this seems as online gambling - especially sports betting - is not legal in the US; there is a very valid reason for the brand relocating their development office to San Francisco. The reason is new Vice President - Raj Vemulapalli. His leadership skills have been proven in vast previous experience with Yahoo, so, Betfair Mobile Engineering and Mobile Technologies has been moved for him to head-up.

According to Raj, the new app significantly improves the players' experience, which is what we are always looking for. It offers full-functionality for web-based gambling, as well as the reliability of the Apple brand, and the convenience of getting gambling whilst on the go. Online casino, poker, bingo, sports-betting and other gambling for real money operators are hitting the ground running, and are getting into the mobile race with the aim of getting to the finishing post first.

Mobile gambling has been widely punted to be the next wave of huge online gambling growth, and many operators are already bearing the fruits of their labour. The Betfair application has obviously been tailored to suit the special needs of tablet device users. Players may make use of a deposit and withdrawal facility within the application, and it offers simple access to live scores, an intuitive landing page, seamless, convenient bet placing, easy access to popular events and content analysis which is available from the Betfair team. According to Raj Vemulapalli , this product is a ‘game changer’!

It still duplicates a fixed-website gaming experience, but with the convenience and mobility of This makes it a fabulous option for brilliant quality gaming, and there are many fabulous features on the iPad which are absolutely unique.

Betfair has already seen the work they have done on this and other apps showing results on their bottom line. Mobile gambling technology is by no means new to them and the launch of the iPad app could not have come at a better time as during the last year, 40% of their customers have already been placing online gambling bets from mobile devices.

Online Poker Brats - We Catch up With Isildur1 and The Other Brat Too

Last year was the first full year of PokerStars professional player - Isildur1's reign as a poker brat. The 20 year old poker phenom who had already won and lost millions as a teenager, was unveiled as Viktor Blom at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2011. He was still too young to participate in the WSOP event this year, being only 20; but his antics in the online card room attracted attention from more than a few different directions.

He played in a series of heads-up challenges with fellow PokerStars poker stars and then seemed to disappear off the radar. Suddenly we weren't hearing any news. Then just as fast as he was gone, Isidur1 was back again, and was seen hitting the felt running in $100/$200 heads-up and six-max PLO tables. Not far off form and well-known for volatile winning and losing swings, Blom quickly made up for lost time and won about $1.6 million from various pros in a 12 hour stint at the online poker tables. This popped him into third place on the PokerStars 2011 cash game Leader Board. His profits were $1.9 for the year last weekend, but this could change in heart-beat for the Swedish swing machine.

In breaking news, we believe Isildur1 is down to $1.2 million again! We just can't keep up with him.

In more poker brat news, the original Poker Brat - Phil Hellmuth, appears to be one of the few BIG poker names untouched by Black Friday events. He resigned as an UltimateBet pro, together with Annie Duke, just a few months before the DoJ took this site down too. He is known as the Poker Brat, for being the youngest (at that time) to win a WSOP bracelet aged 24. Today this is still considered good going, but we are seeing them even younger.

On leaving Ultimate bet, Hellmuth declares he was not seeking a new online poker sponsor, although he was keeping options open. Now he has revealed that he may be close to signing a new sponsorship deal. Chatting on "Short Stacked Radio" Hellmuth commented on the present online poker situation in the US and the potential for getting the game made legal. He said some very big names and companies are getting ready; which has created some opportunities for him. In his words ~ "I happen to be in a pretty lucky position where we have had more than one discussion recently." He then suggested that he may be signing something as soon as in the next two weeks. We recon it would have to be something pretty big to pull this poker pro in!

He is a record holder, with 11 WSOP bracelets under his belt - or wherever he keeps them. Hellmuth is also famously outspoken, as well as does a lot of good work for charitable concerns. He is one of the most sought after online and live poker professionals for endorsement and sponsorship. His brat-like in-your-face personality makes your either love him or hate him, and that gets a great deal of attention!

Will New Jersey and Pennsylvania Lose Out to Online Gambling?

If everything goes well and online gambling is finally made legal in the USA, could states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania with a land casino industry, lose to online gambling? This is the question on everyone's lips. We think the question has been answered when we look at the gambling structures of the UK.

Sure land bingo has had some problems, but these are not purely associated with the fact that online bingo is allowed to be played. As far as land casinos are concerned, these businesses have found that the clients they get in their land casinos are different to those found online. Even as far as mobile gambling is concerned, there are different tastes driving the trend, and therefore a different clientele.

Since the Feds have determined that most online gaming sites are legal – at least according to a recent opinion. Some land casino owners are worrying that this move might have negative connotations to both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. However one thing we have determined is that; online gamblers are not the same as live casino players. Another interesting phenomenon around this 'for' or 'against' online gambling argument is the diversity of opinions.

The argument of Rep. Paul Clymer, R-Bucks Co. that gambling is an industry which preys upon 'Human Weakness", is over-the-top, he says that online gambling is wrong and will lead to a 'flood of new, highly addictive gambling sites'. What he perhaps does not realize is that gambling websites are not the problem – people are the problem and they will gamble whether it is legal or illegal, or if it is online or off, and they want this activity. He recons that allowing online gambling will mean more dysfunctional families, more people on public welfare, and even more crime There are already millions of US players online, spending billions of dollars. This is a fact that the President of the American Gaming Association - Frank Fahrenkopf already knows. He argues that – the Association has known for many years that approximately 10 to 15 million Americans are already gambling online; even though it is considered to be an illegal activity.

Another strange opponent of US online gambling is Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson. He says he is worried that kids will gamble (?). He doesn't seem to be too worried about the millions of adult gamblers who play at his casinos daily however. We believe this is a simple case of very powerful kettle, calling the pot "black". Please note that Las Vegas Sands has said this is Adelsons "Personal" opinion, but they have taken no stance one way or another regarding the online issue. We would take a wager that they have entertained one or two JV 'feeler' deals in secret!

The experts believe that State Lotteries will get the ball rolling with online lottery ticket sales, as this reason was the instigator for the recent DoJ opinion when the controversy was sparked off. The State of New York and Illinois were seeking the opinion for their lottery sales.

Mobile Gambling Apps - Super-smart, Super-safe Bet for Developers

There has been a meteoric increase in the amount of mobile apps being developed and released for online gambling concerns in recent times. One only has to take a peek at Gaming Intelligence for example; this online gambling news resource has reports virtually daily of a new mobile gambling app or two being launched. The world of apps has hit the world by storm during the past year, and has also had the affect of blasting all forms of mobile gambling sky-high in the popularity stakes.

Online gambling businesses that are cow-towing to the demand for more and more apps for smart-phones, are being judged as making very smart investments indeed. Stupid percentage increases have been seen in mobile gamblers using apps for sports betting in particular, but everything is grist for their mill. You name it; they will play it; bingo, casino games – even live dealer games, slots, scratchies, keno, even online poker to a lesser degree.

The most interesting thing about this new growth phenomenon, is that the surge of new customers is not the traditional online gambling type. These are smart-phone users who have never or seldom gambled online, and have found a new way to entertain themselves by means of their smart phone and one or two favourite apps. This means many smart-phone users are brand new to online gambling. They would not be caught dead sitting still long enough behind a PC to get this done, all their gambling takes place on the run!

This new growth in the online gambling industry leads apps developers to believe that apps are sticking around. Ask anyone with a smart-phone if they use apps, in the majority they will answer – that yes – they do. So, mobile gambling apps are proving to be a super-smart, super-safe bet for developers to spend big money on.

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